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Thursday, July 24, 2003
  Ozzfest fucking ruled.
Got there kinda passes at will-call.
walked a HALF HOUR back to where I parked in the parking lot....(cuz I forgot Fred Kowalo & Tim Bolin's phone numbers)....had to find someone with a cell to call. Didn't get ahold of Bolin. But he called the dude back LOL. luckily he was 2 cars down and ran back over to me and gave me his phone hahahaha....
Tim said that he had just called a half hour ago to confirm the passes. so basically, if we hadn't walked back, we could have asked again. it was that close. LOL! so we walked back, the passes were there that time...
We got back, saw Freddy...he was cool, he told me Philth called him, but he tried calling him back and it called the wrong number....anyway, later in the day he said "Phil's coming, Zakk called him and talked for awhile" I hung out backstage all day, because at Blossom Music Center, you CANT see the bands from the lawn in the daytime....the stage is too fucking dark. Sucked. So I will check other bands out in Columbus instead. So anyway, I saw every single member of every single band hanging out backstage, except for Jason Newstead...he must have been with Voivod in the other bus lot.
Jonathan Davis and a whole entourage were walking from the stage to a bus that was RIGHT behind me, I was sitting at a picknick table. Me and my bud Travis were the only two sitting back there. And all of the sudden I looked over at the group and didnt know who it was....and one of the dudes was waving, and sure enough it was OZZY. He was waving at me before I even recognized him! LOL I was like "Hey Ozz!!"....that was the one dude I didn't expect to see 3 feet away in person. LOL! so fucking cool. and then he left the bus...walked behind me, past us...then turned around...stumbled back towards the bus confused. He thought they were following him and they werent. hahaha! so he stood there and talked to some guards and then went back towards the stage with Jonathan Davis and everyone.
Anyway, eventually, Fred said that Phil was back there, so we went to Zakk's bus, and Phil's wife Kelly was there, she gave me a hug, hadnt seen them in a long time chatted with her. Zakk and Phil and Bolin were locked in the bus talking for a long damn time. Zakk and Phil were getting along great, it was fucking cool to see cuz they haven't talked in about 2 years. it was like "oh no, the terrible tuesome is back" we hung out awhile....then it was showtime for and travis went to the lawn, Phil watched Ozzy from sidestage I guess.
The show was fucking killer! Ozzy was having a good night (but sounded more muffled/hard to understand towards the last few songs).....Mike Bordin ruined I Don't Wanna Change The World. it was literally awful. Other than that, it was great. He didn't butcher Road To Nowhere this time. Newstead sounded great. They didn't do No More Tears or NIB or Believer, but they were on the setlist. Oh well.
Dean Skuza (driver of the Hellride funny car) was hanging out back there, as well as a dude from or whatever. He took pictures of me and zakk and my friend and zakk and some other people, and said they'll be up on on Thursday....
Zakk and Phil and Dean and Fred and a shitload of people hung out in the bus for a LONG time. the bus was completely full of people. I hung out outside with Travis talking with a guy who works for the venue, then Zakk came out and talked to us three for like what seemed like an hour. the dude asked him about Napster and he totally went off saying he'd kill the fucking creator if he ever sees him. "i'd stomp his ass to the ground and put a 9mm in his mouth and pull out my dick and piss in his eye, and fucking stomp the gun into his this, motherfucker!" he was violent-drunk. so fucking funny. He thanked me for all of my hard work on the site and said it looks fucking awesome! I asked him about New Found Power and he said that it's basically a Pantera record with 2 new members and those guys said they are even gonna do Pantera songs live. Anyway, I'm tired, I probably forgot a lot, but it was a fucking BLAST. It was so awesome that Zakk and Phil are getting along again too.
ok, i'm about dead.
Later for now
Sunday, July 20, 2003
  Wow. Killer. I just got to see the Summer Sanitarium tour for free. Travis hooked me up with a ticket. We went, I drove Travis, his brother Joe and his wife, and two of their friends. Got there at 3 PM.....Mudvayne were pretty good, but had bad sound and a bad timeslot. place wasnt very full yet. Deftones, to be honest, bored the shit out of me! They had a few songs I like, but everything sounded the same. Linkin Park sounded really good. I don't like a lot of their stuff, but the songs I do like sounded killer, and they sound like they're pretty cool guys. someone in the crowd threw a CD onstage and that Chester dude (or maybe the rapper) read the band name and said "go check those guys out! support your local bands! a few years ago we were on the other side of this barracade" and he said he'd check the cd out. was always making sure people up front had water. Sounded cool. Limp Bizkit...while I basically hate them...they sounded awesome. I mean, I havent heard those guys in years thankfully, so I could tolerate the show, and I hadnt heard some of those songs in years. The band sounded good and got the crowd there was lots of topless chicks onstage, so that's always a big plus. hahaha Metallica.....well, they showed em ALL how it's fucking done. Trujillo even did a little solo, kicked some ass. Only thing I missed was Jason's backing vocals. Lars was WAY fucking off time during really fast parts of Blackened, and some other songs. I noticed the drum volume going up and down during the show, usually quieter during fastparts. looks like the soundman knows Lars can't keep up and turns him down so he don't stand out as much LOL. but otherwise, Metallica sounded fucking killer, that was my first Metallica show. They're the band that got me into music, so it was killer to FINALLY see them after all these years. Perfect time too, no Load era stuff except Fuel.
Master of Puppets
Harvester of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Sad But True
St. Anger
No Remorse
Seek and Destroy
Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death
Enter Sandman 
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