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Friday, August 29, 2003
  I saw Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers last night. Awesome movie, even better than the first. I can't wait for the third one. What better way to kill 3 hours of your life than a movie about Dildo the Bobbit?! I mean...Frodo...whatever. Great movie. That one dude who was trying to take over for the king looks like a cross between Glenn Danzig and Ronnie James Dio. cracked me up.
It's almost Sept 1st! yaaaaaay! LOL. another year, another tear, another....year......away from beer. 20. LOL! Ajerino will be 21 too! and Phil Ream will be like.....37 or something.
Anyway I felt like the obligitory update....
Later, homefries.
Saturday, August 23, 2003
  Well, a lot has happened since I last posted. I basically got my computer up and running. not perfectly but oh well.
Um....I went and saw Anthrax on August 15th and met them and got my copy of Vol. 8 signed...had a blast, that was such an awesome show, I held my place at the front of the crowd for almost the whole show, was kicked in the head four times lol...amazing show though.

Aje and I went and saw Evanescence in Columbus on the 21st. Eddie Mapp (BLS' soundman) is out with Evanescence right now, so he hooked me up with 2 guest passes...the band sounded awesome. Eddie is a class act...the will-call window didn't have their shit together after he called them about 4 times, so he came outside and got us...then his girlfriend (or wife, not sure?) gave us wristbands for the afterparty in the bar next door...a lot of members of the bands came down and hung out, but not Amy Lee, whom we were wanting to meet. Oh well. As we ALWAYS seem to do whenever we drive together somewhere, we got lost on the way home and ended up 43 miles from Cleveland, in Lodi...or maybe further, I forget. It's gonna take Aje forever to peel off the postage stamps on the hood of her car from all around the world, where we travelled to on the way home ;) We had crappy twizzlers on the way home. Damn imitation bastards. The Evanescence show ruled though. They did a cool cover of Zero by the pumpkins. The crowd was extremely tame though except for a bunch of idiots who were crowd surfing and I ended up with some dude's crotch in my face when he fell on me! THAT BASTARD! I spent a lot of time just trying to make sure Adrianne wasn't kicked in the head LOL. And then, I got used as a human sheild and got soaked with water when we were sprayed. Good times, good times. LOL Staind...I mean Cold, whatever.....were alright. Nothing spectacular, but it was fun for Aje and I, attacking each other percussively with plastic bottles. They were better than I thought they were gonna be though, I'll give em that. I might check out some of their stuff, it all seemed better than their single. At the afterparty, it was hilarious because they kept carding people to make sure they were 21, on the way in. They skipped us and we heard someone say "those people with the round passes haven't been carded" we slyly took our passes off and put them in our pockets. No being carded for us under-agers ;) If only we would have decided to get tanked...then we would have ended up in fucking Canada on the way home, I just know it. Either that or in a car accident 2 miles from the venue ;) Anyway, Promowest Pavillion is a pretty cool place... I am gonna miss Aje a whole lot...with every swing of the plastic bottle. oh wait. LOL seriously though...Aje, have fun in Woo-town and don't kill too many poor defenseless bottles of beer ;) Cans are ok though. LOL!
Diana, sorry you couldn't go to the show! Danny! Stop typing. LOL 
Monday, August 11, 2003
  Well....I got MOST of my harddrive contents saved. Lost some stuff, gotta redownload a lot of programs, shit like that. Lost a few recordings of bands but oh well. so now my old hard drive is slaved, and is a storage drive, and I have an old 15 gig drive as my bootup drive. that a new cd burner......a 40x burner for $25 (plus shipping) works great. my old one sucked. NEVER buy a Philips cd burner. 
Tuesday, August 05, 2003
  I'm so depressed right now. I lost my whole computer. My hard drive is gone. I had everything on that thing. Bands I'm not finished with, one of which has already paid half...all the bootlegs, albums, rare shit....tons of pictures, website passwords (which means if I can't get the upload passwords to my sites anymore, my websites are permanently done too) whole life was on that hard drive, basically. This blows.
Sunday was one of the best days of my life and I still feel so shitty. I got to meet and hang out with a bunch of my online friends, got to have fun with my aunt Cheryl, Zakk and Phil were getting along really well, which could possibly mean my favorite band returning to it's true form, and more importantly I got to have a lot of fun with Adrianne, and watch Ozzy from the soundboard and hear some of my favorite songs played live...but, now, after all of that.....I've got nothing. I'm so bored...frustrated with my computer...everything's just a total downer right now. The only thing I have to look foward to is possibly hanging out with Aje to see and hang out with Evanescence and Eddie Mapp....and I'm not 100% sure that will happen. I hope so. I just hope she'll be able to go as well. It sucks that I know she's feeling bad right now too, according to her blogger. I always want to do everything I can to help her and make her feel better...but I know nothing I can do will help. I always feel like the more we talk/hang out, the better BOTH of us feel. But then I always sense that she gets annoyed by me easily. So I guess things don't work that way. Life just sucks sometimes...I always see Aje feeling so depressed and getting screwed over by people...and I know that I would never ever do anything to hurt her, and I'll always be here for her. She's my best friend and I care about her tremendously but I always feel like everything I do...I dunno, I just feel so insignificant in the big picture. enough ranting, i can never word things exactly how i mean and they might piss people whos reading it off or something if i said something wrong. i needed to get crap out somehow. 
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