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Monday, September 29, 2003
  Had my first day of work today...not too hard, all except for having to stand for so long. I had to throw parts into some crates for a little while, then I had to get these 50lb crates of parts and stack and organize them...and then when they had time to figure out what to do with me, they put me on a press...the guy had had the same job for 2 years, and he had to train me to replace him LOL...had to put a rivet into the press, put the metal part on top of it, then push the two buttons and press em 60 of those, move em over to the table beside me, cover em in grease, assemble em (putting 2 parts on em and then snapping a pin through them)...and then after so many of one side, I had to take a pin out of the press, and do the opposite sides. Then after doing so many of that side, we had to take the entire press apart and then do a different part altogether, that uses 2 rivets. Then I had to take those, and put these little feet onto them with a drill. wasn't too hard, but it's gonna be a pain in the ass when I have to switch to a different kind of part so often and fucking with the press. I still dont know how to do it exactly. Oh well. It ain't bad, except for the standing, and I'll get used to it.

Kill me now. 
Wednesday, September 24, 2003
  I got a job at IB-tech through TIME's temporary services. I am pretty sure they are hiring temps, and most likely they promote them to full-time soon. It starts at $8.00 which isn't bad I guess. It's money. I have orientation tomorrow at 12:30, and then I gotta go all the way to upper sandusky for my drug screening. I think I start Monday.
Fun Fun. fuckin' finally. Although if I wouldn't have made up my job history (thanks Eric and Walt! LOL), I wouldnt have been hired! The lady said "you have no factory experience....but you do have job history, so that's ok." if I wouldn't have made that stuff up, I would have had to strangle the lady and burn down the building, like I vowed that I would the next time an employer gave me B.S. about having no previous jobs. You gotta start somewhere. LOL!
Anyway, later, B. 
Tuesday, September 23, 2003
  Long-time no update, blogger.
I recorded a 6 song EP with my cousin Brent's band Possum Sandwich in the past week. Finally got it completely finished, mixed, and mastered yesterday. That's been consuming my time lately. Other than that, I've still been extremely bored. I watched the Morgan Freeman movie "Kiss The Girls" the other day...great movie. I saw the sequel Along Came A Spider a long time ago...Kiss The Girls was way better.
The new Sevendust comes out pretty soon. Not that anyone really reads this, but if you wanna check out a new tune from it click here. Really heavy, great melody. Can't wait.
Crapfully yours,
Monday, September 08, 2003
  Well hello, Blogger.
I felt like updating this thing, but I don't really have much to type...boredness.  
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
  Aje had this nifty quiz on her blogger, so I figured I'd take it too:
01) Last dream: Hanging with Aje and Strongbad at the stick.
02) Last car ride: Coming home from Subway
03) Last kiss: Never. :(
04) Last good cry: A day or two ago
05) Last Missing Library Book: What's a library?
06) Last movie seen: Freddy vs. Jason
08) Last cuss word uttered: In-fucking-tastic.
09) Last beverage drank: Lemonaide
10) Last Food consumed: subway
11) Last Crush: Ajerino
12) Last phone call: Don't remember.
13) Last TV show watched: I watched part of the "Animal House" DVD I bought.
14) Last Item Bought: Animal House DVD, subway sub.
15) Last time showered: 7 PM
16) Last shoes worn: Airwalks
17) Last CD played: Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker
18) Last downloaded: Circle II Circle videos. cool band
19) Last annoyance: I'd have to say, morons inviting me to AIM chats that I dont want to be a part of.
20) Last disappointment: Every waking moment
21) Last soda drank: generic walmart coke
22) Last thing written: generic walmart coke
23) Last key used: e
24) Last word spoken: in-fucking-tastic.
25) Last trip to the bathroom: awhile ago
26) Last sleep: last night
27) Last IM: Chad Dyer from Naturally Wired Web Designs
28) Last sexual fantasy: Don't remember
29) Last orgasm: earlier today
30) Last weird encounter: don't remember
31) Last Store Shopped at: Subway
32) Last ice cream eaten: Chocolate, today
33) Last time amused: talking about how vibrators should be called "slot machines" with Aje.
34) Last time wanting to die: every waking moment
35) Last time in love: I dunno, kinda went away awhile ago, sorta creeps back from time to time, but you'll have that I suppose.
36) Last time hugged: Yesterday I hugged by grandparents.
37) Last time scolded: Today.
38) Last time resentful: Dunno.
39) Last chair sat in: computer
40) Last lipstick used: Never.
41) Last underwear worn: uh....white?
42) Last bra worn: never.
43) Last shirt worn: Megadeth
44) Last class attended: That would be....I think, History Of Art.
45) Last Final taken: History Of Art
46) Last time dancing: Nevah
47) Last poster looked at: Sevendust
48) Last show attended: Evanescence
49) Last webpage visited: this blogger. 
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