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Thursday, October 23, 2003
  Well, today at work, I got moved off of the shitty production line....and back into paint....which rules....I mean, it's more physical labor, but it's non-stressful. I don't have to keep up with a line and build all of those fucking parts anymore. it doesn't wear out my elbows or anything like bolting on dampers did and other shit like that on my old line. Although, being in paint, I will be forced to work a shitload of overtime.....10 hour days instead of 8. but, like I said, it's not, more money for me.

the Five Knuckle Shuffle recordings are starting to come together. They sound way better than I thought they were going to originally...last weekend, Eric and his bass player Drew came and did the bass tracks and a few guitar tracks and a new acoustic song...and some rough vocals that will be redone with a better mic. I'm not happy with a few of the bass tracks, so those will be redone. But, it's starting to come together.

On a sad note, I just found out that Ryan Stone, the guitar player and singer from a band I started recording died today (or the other day, anyway, not sure when). Car accident. That's sad, he was a pretty cool dude, really mature and easy to work with when recording. R.I.P. bro. 
Tuesday, October 14, 2003
  Ok, here's the obligatory update (although nobody reads this, unless of course I send them a URL and threaten their life with a baseball bat if they don't)...nothing much to say, as my life is completely and utterly meaningless now that I am working. That place fucking blows and is totally unorganized. My line is the only one that gets anything done...we are shipping record numbers of parts, and working no overtime, while the rest of the factory is working tons of overttime, and STILL aren't giving us enough parts. And yet, we might have to work overtime starting next week....5-3:30. that will blow. Why? Why? Why? We're doing plenty of fucking work on a regular shift. Nazi bastard Japanese motherfuckas. GODZILLA!!!!! HIROSHIMA!!!! KAPPPPOOOOOOOWWWWW! 
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