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Monday, April 26, 2004
  Well, not too much has happened lately. Haven't found a job yet. However a bunch of bands want me to record them, and I got a recording website launched here, and a website design website here. My recording website has samples of some of the stuff I have recorded for bands...I know nobody has read my blogger in at least six months (granted I've barely written in it)...but if anyone sees this, be sure to send any Ohio bands or someone who needs a website done my way!

In my last post, I mentioned visiting Michael Wagener's studio down in Nashville. I wrote about it back the day it happened on my message board (oh yeah I also neglected to mention moving to
Anyway here's what I wrote when I got back from the studio:
"Holy shit! His recordings of Ozzmosis are 5000 times better than the final one. and Mike Inez and Randy Castillo are playing on it, not Geezer or Deen. He A-Bed his version and the final, comparing them and his made the actual release sound like a fucking bad demo. Ozzy's vocals were 100 times better, Randy Castillo played circles around Deen....I can't believe the label changed it. Unbelievable. I will never hear that album the same again. Oh yeah, and we got the priveledge of hearing a completely unreleased Ozzy song called "Slow Burn" was a soft song and fucking awesome.
See You On The Other Side had a choir of girls singing on it and saxophone and everything, it was awesome. It totally sounded like No More Tears' production except totally better. Amazing. The songs they recorded were as follows:

1. Perry Mason
2. See You On The Other Side
3. Tomorrow
4. Old L.A. Tonight
5. Living With The Enemy
6. Aimee
7. Slow Burn"

Tuesday, April 06, 2004
  Well, not much has really been going on lately. Worked at IB Tech nonstop until March 26th or so, then they called me and said my 6 Months expired, so I have been out of a job since then. I am going to Nashville tomorrow morning. Michael Wagener, the producer who mixed Master Of Puppets by Metallica, No More Tears by Ozzy, produced, mixed, and recorded the first 2 Skid Row albums, among many many other things, invited my to visit his studio, so I'm going! It will be awesome I'm sure! Uhhh......I dunno what else to write right now, so...buh-bye!
Oh yeah, the new BLS acoustic album is pretty cool....Zakk's voice is almost shot, but what can ya do? Still some great songs, not comparable to Book Of Shadows though, but still some great stuff.
Well, until next time...fuck off! ;) 
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